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Horticulture Careers Q&A – What sets us apart?

Pro Landscaper Magazine recently sat down with Horticulture Careers’ Brand Manager, Liam Colclough. We discussed the benefits of advertising vacancies on the platform.

So why Horticulture Careers? 

It’s a matter of relevance, to be honest. Through our publications and trade shows we hold a good position in the industry, and the right candidates find the job board because of this. You might get a greater response on cross-platform job boards, but it’s usually not as relevant. You’ll often find yourself sifting through a high volume of applicants with little to no experience, so rather than speeding up productivity it can actually end up being a huge waste of time for the recruiter. One click apply features don’t help the matter.

So you won’t be offering that as a feature anytime soon then?

(Laughing) No, absolutely not! If a candidate takes the time to apply for a role, they are far more likely to have read the spec, so they should have a much better understanding of exactly what they are applying for. For the hiring manager, this means they should receive a higher calibre of candidates. We are effectively weeding out the people who are sending mass applications for every role they can.

Let’s talk about the new-look job board, what’s changed exactly?

Oh, a ton of things. We have overhauled the entire board to adopt a far more modern design. The interface is much more user friendly and we’ve added plenty of new features. For example, candidates can now choose to follow companies that they like. They will then know straight away when new vacancies hit the board. The SEO has also been hugely improved, meaning we are attracting more candidates from search engines such as Google.
If you’re interested in advertising a vacancy, or would like some more information, Liam would love to hear from you.

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